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Linda Turchin has been volunteering with The Dorothy Ley Hospice since 2015,
although she has been volunteering her whole life with organizations that reflect the
patterns in her life: literacy (when she worked in publishing), riding for the disabled
(when she worked toward her equine certificate) and now hospice (after her elderly
parents passed away).

Through personal experiences, Linda has learned about the importance of the dying
process and recognizes it as a very special time of life. She wants to help people
through this important and personal process, and by doing so, honour the person and
their life.

After her parents passed away, and she was able to grieve them, she reached out to
The Dorothy Ley Hospice to begin the process of volunteering. She chose the Hospice
because it was such a tangible environment of caring and medical talents. Linda’s
mother was an R.N. and, ultimately, she feels this guided her to the hospice doors.
Linda works part time at a local financial institution. As an endorsement and to support
her volunteering, the bank donates $500 per annum in recognition of her time and
efforts. This year, during COVID, her manager recommended that, on behalf of the
Etobicoke community, they donate an extra “community” grant in recognition of Linda’s
volunteering. To date, Linda has raised $4500 — and looks forward to doing more in
the years to come.

Linda speaks about the privilege and inspiration of working with the dedicated staff at
The Dorothy Ley Hospice – from medical to administrative and everyone in between – as
they consistently provide the services that fulfill the mission of The Dorothy Ley
Hospice. She feels that the compassionate nature of the staff and volunteers brings an
intimate understanding to the end-of-life process, and is importantly different from the
“hospital” experience.

Linda also speaks very highly of the Loss and Bereavement programs offered by The
Dorothy Ley Hospice. She feels that they provide not only hope for the grieving, but are
a natural extension of the care and dignity that individuals and their family members
receive during their end-of-life experience.

Linda continues to volunteer at this precarious time in our history because she feels
fortunate to be able to witness, support and sponsor the respectful dedication shown by
the Hospice to those who are approaching their end-of-life passage.

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