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Hospice is not just a place, but an approach to care that focuses on living.

Hospice palliative care centres around your and your loved
ones’ social, emotional, physical, and spiritual needs after diagnosis of a serious illness. It offers a supportive, holistic way to prepare for life closure. 

“Spiritual care lies at the heart of hospice. It says we are here. We will be with you in your living and your dying. We will free you from pain and give you the freedom to find your own meaning in your own life – your way. We will comfort you and those you love – not always with words, often with a touch or a glance. We will bring you hope – not for tomorrow but for this day.
We will not leave you. We will watch with you. We will be there.”

Dr. Dorothy Ley

Registration for the Jack Cooper Hike for Hospice is Now Open!

Join us on May 26, 2024 for a fun event to raise much needed funds for the Dorothy Ley Hospice. All are welcome - including your furry friends.

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