Care for people with serious illness

Our services can help you understand and cope with the emotional, psychological, social, spiritual and practical challenges of living with a serious illness. People can live for years receiving hospice palliative care and foster meaningful relationships with our community of care.

What we offer

Sometimes it is hard to know where to go for help or what services are available to you. Our supportive care coordinators are knowledgeable of and connected to many providers to help you access services that can help. We ensure your care is coordinated and integrated and help advocate for the services and needs you have.

Our companion volunteer program helps to reduce isolation through a supportive network of compassionate and understanding hospice volunteers. Companion volunteers also provide an opportunity for family caregivers to take a break. If this service is right for you, your care coordinator will connect you with a trained hospice volunteer for companionship, which may include conversation, arts and crafts, outings and reading.

Living with a serious illness can affect you emotionally and psychologically. We have counselling services available to help you and your family members explore your thoughts and feelings about living with illness, what’s important to you, and preparing for end of life.

We help you and your family members understand end-of-life issues so you are prepared and know what to expect. We help you think about and talk with friends and family about what is important to you given different situations.

Palliative physician care is available either in-home or at our Palliative Care Clinic located at our residential hospice and is provided by our dedicated team of palliative care physicians. Palliative physicians offer support with pain and symptom management. A doctor’s referral is required to access the palliative care physician team.

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Spiritual care is the exploration of beliefs, values, hopes and sources of resilience. It can be helpful whether you practise a religion or not. Spiritual care services include:

  • Supportive counselling, exploring feelings of spiritual distress (confusion, numbness, fear, despair, guilt, hopelessness)
  • Exploring spiritual beliefs, faith and rituals to facilitate a sense of hope and healing, purpose and meaning
  • Connections to local faith communities

Our wellness day program is designed for those living with a serious illness and provides an opportunity to meet with others in similar circumstances. The program happens in person every Tuesday, and online every Wednesdays. It includes:

  • Light breakfast (in-person only)
  • A group check-in
  • Activities such as games, crafts, music and guest speakers
  • Wellness services provided by our trained volunteers

Our wellness services can help to promote relaxation and calm and improve sleep. The therapies are delivered by trained hospice volunteers who are certified in their respective treatment(s). Treatments are provided in your home, at the hospice building, online and/or by distance. Offerings include:

  • Therapeutic Touch®
  • Reiki
  • Gentle Aroma Touch
  • Yoga practice – online
  • Meditation groups – online
  • Pet therapy
  • Creative and mindful art expression

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