Vision / Mission / Values

Our Vision

A world which understands and embraces hospice palliative care.

Our Mission

We foster hope and dignity through exemplary care, advocacy, education and research for individuals living with the challenges of life-limiting illness or loss.

Our Values

Those of us who are part of The Dorothy Ley Hospice believe, share and commit to the following values:

  • Accountability

Holding ourselves accountable to the highest standards of stewardship, transparency and governance in all aspects of our work.

  • Achievement

Striving to achieve our best in all that we do, in a supportive environment.

  • Compassion

Expressing compassion in action by creating and nurturing a foundation and framework of sensitivity and fairness for all.

  • Innovation

Moving to the future by way of innovation as we build on the teachings of Dr. Dorothy Ley.

  • Integration and Partnership

Working with others, as a leader and as a partner, to maximize resources and the benefits for those we serve.

  • Social Inclusion

Respecting diversity in all of its expressions.

  • Volunteerism

Honouring the contribution of volunteers as an essential part of our charitable organization.