A Community of Care for Today and Tomorrow


Exceptional hospice palliative care for everyone in our community


We support individuals and families to live well through serious illness, end of life and loss

Our Values

Everything we do is guided by our values—by CARE.


We nurture a community of volunteers, staff, palliative physicians, and partners to provide comfort and relieve suffering with love, kindness and empathy.


We are honest and hold ourselves to the highest standards of stewardship, transparency and governance. We keep our word and take responsibility for our actions.


We believe every person deserves to be celebrated, valued and supported. We embrace diversity in all of its expressions, honour each person’s story and are inclusive in all that we do.


We are guided by the teachings of our founders, evidence and best practice to deliver excellent care and achieve the full potential of hospice care.


Our commitments are how we realize our purpose, strive toward our vision and achieve our strategic directions.

Exemplary care: we provide high-quality, compassionate care to patients and families facing serious illnesses, end of life and loss, with a focus on relieving pain and other symptoms, addressing emotional and spiritual needs, and enhancing quality of life in every possible way.
Education: we prioritize learning and professional development for staff, health care providers, volunteers, and community members, aimed at improving knowledge and skills related to hospice palliative care, as well as increasing awareness and understanding of the vital role of hospice care and end-of-life planning.
Partnership: we believe that together, we can achieve more and build partnerships with other organizations, healthcare providers, and community members to enhance access to high quality hospice palliative care.
Research: we advance knowledge and understanding of hospice palliative care through research and innovation, aiming to continually improve the effectiveness and efficiency of care and identify new approaches and solutions to hospice palliative care challenges.

Strategic directions 2023-2028

Our strategic directions serve as a compass for our decision-making, inform our operational plans and measurement, and guide our daily efforts to support individuals and families to live well through serious illness, end of life and loss.

Inspire excellence in the development of hospice palliative care across our community… and beyond.
Nurture, celebrate, and support our people.
Grow our services and supports to be inclusive of everyone who is in need.
Strengthen and sustain our capacity so that we can continue to serve our community for years to come.


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