Bereavement Care

We provide opportunities to learn about grief as a healing process, connection with other bereaved persons, and an understanding and supportive space in which to share and express one’s grief. Individual support is offered through in-person visits, telephone outreach and mailings. A variety of programming is offered to address the needs and concerns of the newly bereaved and relationship-specific grief support groups are regularly held. No prior connection to the hospice is required.
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The following educational webcasts are presented in partnership by Dorothy Ley Hospice, Heart House Hospice, and the Regional Learning Centre for people looking for information on the grieving process.

Grief: What is it? Presented by Megan Quinn (Dorothy Ley Hospice)
Grief can be difficult, especially now. Learn how to support yourself and others experiencing grief during this challenging time.
The Etiquette of Grief. What do you say when someone is grieving? Learn practical ways to communicate with, and support someone through their grieving process.

The Etiquette of Grief Presented by Peggy Moore (Heart House Hospice)