Carol’s cousin Allen Irwin Hughston was “very fortunate” that all the teams came together at his house. Carol always reminded Allen that he was the boss – how he wanted to live (and die) was his choice. When the idea of Hospice came up, Allen was not ready to take this step. We began with home visits. It took a little while. After a couple of sessions with Joni and Dr. Chopra Allen decided he was ready to enter the Residence. This was on a Thursday night and with much luck, he got a room the next day! 

He had decided that it was the ”right thing to do”. Upon admittance, Allen enjoyed the super care given to him by the nurses and doctors. They were always there for him. He was absolutely thrilled with the care he received including the second helping of ice cream. Lloyd, Robert and Carol (family) were pleased with the extra diligence of the staff for maintaining COVID protocals. 

Allen stayed at the Residence for only 5 days – during that time, his nephew LLoyd was able to stay overnight to reassure and comfort Allen. Robert and Carol accompanied Allen during the day. Holding his hands. Allen was not alone. When it was time, everyone gathered with Carol and Robert and we all held hands. It was calm, peaceful and loving with the lighting of the candle and the signing of the book. 

The Dorothy Ley Hospice made everything happen in a dignified, meaningful way. We are so grateful that they are there for others too! Many thanks for letting us express our gratitude to everyone for their great service! 

Carol and Robert Carter 


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