I had known “JMG” for many years.  He was a patient of a downtown hospital. Due to the pandemic and availability of hospital beds, JMG was moved by ambulance from his known hospital to anther hospital he was not familiar with.  He was out of sorts, out of his comfort area and then he was placed in a Palliative Care wing.  He spent the rest of his days there and died in the hospital. The care he was provided was okay. 


As I live in the Etobicoke neighbourhood, I had learned about The Dorothy Ley Hospice over the years.  As executor of JMG’s estate, I learned that I could distribute his assets the way I felt he would want. I decided to request a tour of the Residence at The Dorothy Ley Hospice.


When I walked through the front doors, it felt so homey.  The smiles on the receptionist, the smells of homemade food and the general atmosphere immediately convinced me that if JMG had known, this is where he would have liked to spend his last days. 


Hopefully, the donation from his Estate will enable other individuals and families to experience the welcoming warmth and utter relief when one walks enters the residential care facility of The Dorothy Ley Hospice.  I know JMG would have wanted this.


Written by JMG’s executor



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