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Stories of Caring

There's a common misconception that hospice is a one-way street: volunteers helping clients and giving of themselves, while clients passively accept that help. But the truth is more complex than that.

Hospice clients are guides, preceding us on a journey we all must take. As they share with us their experiences, their emotional ups and downs, and their life wisdom, they give us something so precious that it can't easily be put into words. They are our beacons. our teachers, our friends.

These are their stories:

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
It's been said that a picture is worth a thousand words.  This idea could not be truer for those taking part in the New Beginnings program.  Read More...

Lila's Story
Lila Brown was a storyteller. From her bed at Central Park Lodge she used speech and expression to draw wonderfully vivid and opinionated portraits of people she'd known. Read more...

The Power of Laughter
Chat with Terry Cooke and you might hear two words nobody likes to use in the same sentence - death and children.  Terry is a specially trained volunteer who is assigned to caring for children of dying moms or dads, or for children who themselves are terminally ill. Read More...

Jim's Story
We laughed more than I ever thought possible. Jim's wife Nora supported him with her undivided attention and I became very close to both of them. To be honest, I was in awe of them. Read more...

Mary's Story
We laughed and sometimes cried, for there were many stories to tell and much grieving to be done. In the summer, we took time to sit outside in the sun and pray together. Read more...

Marion's Story
What Marion wanted was straightforward: she wanted to die at home, with peace of mind and in the company of her beloved grey tomcat.  Read more...

Memories in Bloom on Dad Hill
This spring when the Lockhart family travels to Lake of Bays to open their cottage, they will be reunited with David, a much loved husband, father, brother and son. Read more...

Tuesdays Bring New Beginnings
For Terri Ross, Tuesdays couldn't come soon enough. But, unlike many people, she wasn't attending yoga class or indulging at the spa. She was spending time with seven other people to share grief.  Read more...


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